Theoretical Formulation of Maximum Bending Stress Value and Location for Cycloid Teeth Spur Gear


Aveen Ahmed Abdulkareem, Mohammad Q. Abdullah


Mechanical Eng. Dept., College of Engineering, University of Baghdad.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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Extreme working conditions and precise applications of different gear types in modern industries put a heavy responsibility and a lot of hopes on the engineering efforts regarding the refinement of the research ways and manufacturing methods. This work studies characteristics of cycloid profiles and employs them in spur gear strength enhancement. Tooth thickness, pressure angle and radius of curvature for cycloid teeth are derived analytically based on the cycloid curve properties and spur gear geometry. Bending stress has been analytically formulated in terms of the generation mechanism that are roller radius and rolling angle as well as spur gear characteristics that are module and teeth number at any section. The maximum stress location and value are derived analytically and solved numerically to propose an alternative equation allocate it. FEM has been adopted to verify the analytical work using Ansys software ver. 15 to simulate the study. Results show good agreement and the most highlighted points are; module increasing has the greatest effect on enhancement of tooth bending strength while the roller radius must be as small as possible and peaked at the value of module for optimum teeth strength.