An Academic Development Model of Mechanical Engineering Professional Teachers Using the ON-IN-ON-IN System in Vocational High Schools


Gede Widayana†*, Djoko Kustono‡, Tuwoso‡, Muladi‡


† Students of the vocational education doctoral program at Malang State University
‡ Faculty of Engineering, State University of Malang

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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Teachers can be said to be the key to education. Teachers develop themselves by reading a lot of books, journals, references, writing scientific papers, attending seminars or training. Teachers must be able to master the curriculum and translate it into a more operational educational program in the form of lesson plans. This research is focused on designing normative teacher learning models to be educated to become productive teachers. The purpose of this study was to develop the design of a dual skill teacher education learning model in SMK. This research is the development of a learning model to design a learning model for dual skill teachers in SMK. By using the R & D method, teacher education learning designs are designed. From the assessment of the aspects of objectivity, curricular content, learning activities, educational resources and evaluation strategies, the results are ‘very good’, which means that the design of this model can be used in multi-skill teacher learning. The results of the validation state that this design is suitable for use in non-productive teacher education programs to become productive teachers.