Effect of the Local Mechanical Stress on Properties of Silicon Solar Cell


Jasurbek Gulomov*, Rayimjon Aliev, Bobur Rashidov


Renewable energy source laboratory, Andijan state university, 170100, Uzbekistan

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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It is important to study the nature of the flexo-photovoltaic effect of silicon-based solar cells under the influence of local mechanical stresses. This is because it can change the properties of the solar cells and increase the efficiency of solar cell. In this paper, the effect of local mechanical stress on a monocrystalline silicon-based solar cell has been studied. A short-circuit current was found to increase 1.3 times when a monocrystalline silicon-based solar cell was stressed with the 6 N mechanical stress. The direct proportionality of the short-circuit current of the solar cell to the root of the mechanical stress was determined, and by the statistical analysis of the experimental results it has been calculated the proportionality coefficient a = 0.8114 A/N0.5. In addition, the effect of local mechanical stress on a silicon-based solar cell has been modeled using the Comsol Multiphysics program. It has been found that the distribution of the effect of mechanical stress, which is applied on the surface of a solar cell, along the thickness of the solar cell is exponential.