Stakeholder and Universities Synergity in Improving Engineering Students Entrepreneurship Capability


Dian Arief Pradana, Herdiana Dyah Susanti


Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of 17 Agustus 1945 Banyuwangi, Faculty of Engineering, University of 17 Agustus 1945 Banyuwangi.

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Entrepreneurship plays an important role in improving the competitiveness of a region. Entrepreneurship can show personal potential, contributing to the increase in revenue, and help the community. Entrepreneurship is the role of universities run by academics in the form of entrepreneurship education. the implementation of entrepreneurship education in higher education is less than the maximum due to the non-optimal role and function of the entrepreneurial management unit and the competence of graduates who do not fully meet the expectations of the workforce. Graduates are also not sufficiently equipped with life skills, adaptability, socializing with the work environment and lifelong learning. To maximize the role of entrepreneurship education, research on entrepreneurship by using the triple helix is widely adopted to explain the process of innovation in entrepreneurial activities. This study aims to analyze entrepreneurship education using the triple helix approach. This research uses a qualitative research method, a descriptive approach with primary and secondary data sources. Data collection techniques are observation, interviews, and documentation and others with a triangulation strategy for data validity. To enhance students’ entrepreneurial abilities, triple helix synergy is needed, which consists of universities, industry, government and through the stages of entrepreneurship education which includes Sensibilisation for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, education for entrepreneurship, and education in entrepreneurship.