Study the Effect of Operational Modifications on the Exergy Efficiency for the Steam Cycle of North Refineries Company (NRC)/ Baiji, Iraq


Aadel A. Alkumait †, Waad A. Salih ‡, *, Hameed J. Khalaf †


† Mechanical Engineering department, Tikrit University, Iraq.
‡ North Refineries Company (NRC)/ Baiji, Iraq.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This work aims to investigate effect of operational modifications on the exergy efficiency of steam cycle. It is based in its calculations on MATLAP codes of the previous study of energy and exergy analysis for a steam cycle of North Refineries Company (NRC)/ Baiji. The results showed that if the steam temperature raised from 374.5 ℃ by 15 ℃ and by 30 ℃, the exergy efficiency will increase by 0.52 %, and 0.68 %, respectively. Also, increasing the boiler pressure from 22.3 bar by 1.5 bar and by 3 bar will increase the exergy efficiency by 0.89 %, and 1.57 %, respectively. The most efficient modifications concluded by this study is, lowering condenser pressure from 0.8 bar by 0.3 bar, and by 0.6 bar that cause increasing in the exergy efficiency by 9.1 %, and 15.61 %, respectively. In summary, the exergy efficiency can be improved by the above modifications.