Investigation Of A Finned Heat Sink Thermal Performance Utilized With A Combined System Of Piezoelectric Actuator And Multiple Magnetic Fans


Ahmed J. Taher, Mohammed A. Nima


Department of Mechanical Engineering / Engineering College/ University of Baghdad

Department of Mechanical Engineering / Engineering College/ University of Baghdad

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The air effect generated by multiple fans system with piezoelectric actuator is investigated experimentally for the fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics of different finned heat sink types. The system utilizes one piezoelectric actuator and a repulsive magnetic force to activate three fans. The finned heat sinks with solid and lateral perforated are constructed integrated with multiple fans system with piezoelectric actuator. The heat sinks are in a perspex duct exposed to a different heat flux. In the transient and steady state conditions, several experiments have been conducted to investigate the impact of different heat flux and holes, size number on the heat sinks thermal performance. All physical measurements are recorded using Labview 2018. Results of this experimental study are compared with previous experimental studies and give a good agreement. All the results of perforated heat sink are compared with the solid finned heat sink. The heat transfer characteristics have been significantly improved by adding a perforations. The results show that the average heat transfer coefficient and the average Nusselt number are increased about 40% when the heat flux increased for lateral perforated finned heat sink.