Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle with Waste Heat Recovery from Gas Power Plant using Loop Heat Pipes


Ankit Dwivedi*, R S Mishra


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi 110042, India

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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In this research work Waste Heat Recovery from a Practical Gas Power Cycle (GPC) combined with an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) through a Loop Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (LHP Hex.) has been presented for Industrial. Six Eco-friendly refrigerants namely R600, R134a, R290, R152a, R125 & R124 have been used as working fluids for ORC along with 4 easily available working fluids such as Water, Ethanol, Methanol & Acetone for LHP. Peak Temperature of GPC, Working Fluids of ORC & LHP Hex. and Condenser Pressure of ORC have been kept as the input variables for the combined cycle, whereas, the net-work output of the ORC, First Law & Second Law Efficiency, Irreversibility Associated with the major components, required flow rates of the different working fluids and Most Suitable working fluids are the Output Performance Parameters. The combination of Water (LHP H Ex.) & R290 (ORC) is the most suited working fluids among all the 24 Combinations studied. Moreover, the First & Second Law Efficiencies of the System at 1500K Peak GPC Temperature & 65 kPa ORC Condenser Pressure have been recorded as 32% & 80 % respectively with 170 kW net-work output. The irreversibility related to each different component of the lower system has been around 80 kW. The ratio of the mass flow rate of R290 to Water has been around 1.42.