A Parametric Study of Eco-Friendly Refrigeration with Waste Heat Recovery from Gas Power Plants using Loop Heat Pipe


Ankit Dwivedi* and R S Mishra


Research Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi 110042, India.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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In numerous Industrial setups such as Power Plants, Steel Plants, Food Processing, etc., a considerable amount of waste heat is available which goes into the environment to contribute to Global Warming and Thermal Pollution. In this research investigation Heat Recovery from Gas Power Cycle (GPC) exhaust has been objectified to operate Ejector Refrigeration Cycle (ERC) through the superconductor of heat i.e., Loop Heat Pipes (LHP). In LHP fluids like Acetone, Ethanol, Methanol & Water, and in ERC new eco-friendly refrigerants such as R236ea, R1224yd (Z), R1233zd (E), R245fa, R365mfc along with R718 have been selected for study as the working fluids. Results obtained from the software-based mathematical modeling have been presented and an assessment of this novel system for industrial viability has been done. It has been observed that the boiler temperature of ERC can be maintained near or above the critical temperature of the Eco-friendly refrigerants working fluids. COP & refrigeration capacity of the combined system has been obtained in the range of 0.25-0.28 and 10.35kW-315kW respectively for various combinations of fluids. Based on the eco-friendliness, compactness & industrial viability the system with Water (LHP)-R1224yd (Z) (ERC) has been recommended as the mass flow required for working fluids is the least & utilization of Heat Input Available to ERC is maximum for the operations.