Investigation of Properties of Selective Laser Sintering of Titanium Alloy Composite


Khalid Mutashar Abed


Babylon University, College of Materials Engineering

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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A wide range of material utilized in Selective Laser Sintering SLS method opens the research thrust in the Additive Manufacturing AM or Solid Freeform Fabrication SFF technology for the researchers There are many works done on materials like polymer metal composite ceramics & sand under SLS method to enhance the quality & mechanical properties of parts described through optimizing the process parameters Still there is a wide scope to optimize the SLS process parameters which are using materials such as sand ceramics & metals Also among the different response variables available the impact of surface roughness on SLS stainless steel metal parts & the quality of sand mould casting parts have not yet been analyzed Further if the gap of the influencing process parameters on different materials is fulfilled, the operator can easily utilize the SLS process before carrying out the actual process The main objective of this research focuses on the design & investigation of SLS process parameter & final part properties Also a manual suggestive process parameter selection methodology has developed for the laser sintering processes.