Performance Enhancement of Vertical Pumps in a Sewage Station by an Engineered Amelioration Approach


Mohammed Hasan Mustafa*


Ministry of Science and Technology / Environment and Water Directorate

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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The present work encompassed a field application case in one of the sewage stations in Baghdad city involved vertical centrifugal lifting pumps. It depended upon pursuing of a developing approach for the sake of performance improvement of those pumps through diagnosis and execution of appropriate treatments for mechanical problems and troubles occurred throughout the work of that station pumps. Those problems resulted from effect and interaction of several factors requirements such as process system, maintenance engineering, and mechanical elements and parts of that system throughout the work of those pumps with vertical movement transmission. The approach had been deduced from matching between a recent qualitative approach: (SAQCEADS+) and pro-active maintenance technique as one of the advanced and recent maintenance engineering methodology. One of those important problems was the existing misalignment of the intermediate vertical line shafting of the pump under study had been corrected and adjusted to the confines of available techniques. Proposed appropriate treatments for the investigated mechanical problems were presented to accommodate those troubles and compensate for them with observation of the effect of pump’s concrete foundation on such problems, and also for performance enhancement of the concerned mechanical elements to increase their working availability. The resulted improvement which had been accomplished in that context was by a ratio of about 40%. A necessity for better practices of specialized maintenance works with available techniques was pointed out, towards a more reliable performance. The present work in endeavor through its approach can contribute for a more counteract of technical challenges involved in the concerned application. That could revolutionize specialized maintenance engineering, quality applications and their practices as vital and important fields dealt with.