A Fuzzy Adaptive PID Controller Design for Header Height Tracking Control of Agricultural Combine Harvester


Waleed Mohammad Shareef Al Sawafi*, Kareem Hassan Ali


Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Baghdad/College of Engineering, Babel / Iraq.

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Controlling the height of the harvest head increases efficiency and production by reducing grain loss during harvest. In addition to protecting the head of the harvester and the internal parts of the harvester from damage caused by large foreign objects passing through the conveyor belt of the product. Using (MAT LAB/SIMULINK) applications, it is possible to design a loop control system. Simulink uses fuzzy logic and PID control. The fuzzy system adapts by instantly changing the gain of the PID control system. The system (Simulink External) displays the results quickly. Both the sensor and fuzzy logic were read and recorded during the movement of the combine harvester and head tracking of the changing terrain.