Characterization of the Effect of Some Parameters on the Properties of Copper Fabricated by Powder - Metallurgy


Nawal Ali Abd†, Khalid H. Razeg†, Jawdat Ali Yagoob‡


†Tikrit University,
‡Northern Technical University, Technical College of Kirkuk

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This research was aimed to produce pure copper by powder metallurgy method. Uniaxial pressing was done by application of (400,500,600,700 and 800) MPa to produce the green compacts. Green density of the compacts increased by increasing the applied pressure until it is got its largest value at (700 MPa) then slightly decreased at higher applied pressure. Sintering of the first set of green compacts achieved in electric type furnace in argon gas r at temperatures (800, 850, 900 and 950) oC for (2hr) ,while the second set of the samples were sintered at the same situations at (850oC) for soaking periods including (1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5) hr. XRD technique is used to observe the variation in the structure. The results showed the appearance of very little amount of oxidation, especially for the compact samples sintered at high temperature of 950 oC. Results of hardness and density of the sintered compacts exemplified that the superlative sintering period and temperature were 2 hr and 850 oC, respectively, where the maximum hardness value was (54.8 HV) and density was (8.07 gm/cm3). Optical microscopy was also done to observe the microstructure of the sintered compacted samples.