Determining the Optimum Gear Ratios to Minimize the Cost of Two-Stage Helical Gearbox with Second-stage Double Gear Sets


Nguyen Anh Tuan†, Bui Thanh Danh‡, Pham Duc Lam‡†, Nguyen Hong Linh‡‡, Nguyen Huu Quang†, Le Hoang Anh‡†‡, Nguyen Dinh Ngoc‡‡‡, Nguyen Van Trang‡‡‡,*


† University of Economics – Technology for Industries, Vietnam
‡ University of Transport and Communications, Vietnam
‡† Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Vietnam
‡‡ Electric Power University, Vietnam
‡†‡ Vinh Long University of Technology Education, Vietnam
‡‡‡ Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Vietnam

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This article targets to determine the optimum set of main design parameters of a two-stage gearbox with second-stage double gear sets to minimize the cost of gearbox. Ten parameters such as the total gearbox ratio, the coefficient of the face width of the first gear stage, the coefficient of wheel face width of the second gear stage, the allowable contact stress of stage 1, the allowable contact stress of stage 2, the output torque, the cost of gearbox housing, the cost of helical gears, the cost of straight gears, the cost of shafts is chosen as input parameters of optimization process. In addition, a simulation experiment is conducted to serve for finding optimum solution. It is found that the total gear ratio has the most important impact on the response. The proposed method is confirmed the reliability and can be applied to other studies.