Performance of Nanofluids Filled Flat Plate Solar Collector: A Review


Kumar Gaurav*, Suresh Kant Verma


Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Patna 800005, Bihar, India

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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Performance of nanofluids filled flat plate solar collector (FPSC) has been examined and compared in the present study. Nanofluids as a heat transfer fluid (HTF) are emergent fluids that demonstrate thermal properties better than that of the conventional heat transfer fluid resulting into better thermal performance. The effect of different parameters e.g., size of nanoparticles, its material, concentration and mass flow rate of nanofluids have been discussed. It has been observed that copper oxide nanofluids is superior in comparison to other metal oxides nanofluids and the use of carbon-based nanofluid gives better results compared to metal oxides nanofluids. Therefore, nanofluids may be considered as promising HTF in FPSC so far utilisation of solar thermal energy is concerned.