An Optimization of the Thick Sheet Metal Spinning Process


Phuc Than Huynh*


Institute for Strategic Development, Thu Dau Mot University, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

Corresponding Author Email: phucht@tdmu.edu.vn

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In this paper, the optimization and simulation of the conventional spinning process are investigated for the thick and large blank. The objective function is to minimize the tangential force, and constraint functions of the deformation and instability condition of the spinning process are also involved in the optimization procedure to provide the optimal parameters for initial conditions of the spinning process such as feed ratio of the roller, angular velocity… Due to the thick blank, thickness t = 50mm, so the hot spinning process is conducted at the forming temperature of 850oC for the stainless steel 304L. The simulations of the hot spinning process are done in the ANSYS-LSDYNA framework. The simulation results show that the thickness distributions during the spinning process are almost the same for all cases considered, while the residual stress distribution and the resultant force of the optimal case are better than those of the considered cases that do not optimize.