Vol. 39, No. 1 (2016)

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1 The Research of High Precision and Big Area Two-Dimensional Laser Controlling Reflection Platform
L. T. Xue †‡*, X. D. Han †, H. K. Wang †, T. Chen †, F. Y. Li §, A. B. Zoss ††
2 Research on Coordination Strategy of Port Supply Chain with Logistic Service Symbiotic Networks Involved
K. X. Gao †‡, S. Q. Yu †, W. B. Liu †,K. Wang †
3 A New Project Management Techniques and Its Application into the Automotive Manufacturing Industry
R. Hanief
4 Process Safety Evaluation Model Based on LEC and Grey Theory
G. J. Jiang †‡§, H. D. Lv †, L. liu †
5 Prediction of Gas Intake of Iron and Steel Enterprises Owned Power Plants Based on HS-RVM Model
H. J. Xiao †§, M. Y. Zhang ‡,S. B. Wang §
6 Element Modeling and Dynamic Property Parameters Analysis of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge
H. B. Zhang
7 Disease-Resistant of Maize Chromosome Segment Introgress Lines to Common Smut
B. Yuan †, X. M. Cao ‡
8 Industrial Ethernet Switch in Factories and Control Applications
C. S. Hsu, K. Kase
9 Prominent Ultraviolet Photovoltaic Detector Based on Poly (3-hexylthiophene) and ZnO Quantum Dots
H. X. Yang, X. Fang, J. W. Huang, X. X. Luo, Y. Xu, D. R. Wu
10 Theoretical Analysis and Confirmatory Measurement for Profile Grinding of Guide Roller for Tapered Roller Superfinishing
Z. B. Gao †, H. Y. Gao ‡
11 The Development of Cyber Security Testbed for Networked Mechatronics Monitoring and Control System Based on DETER
H. P. Huang, S. D. Xiao, J. Duan
12 Consideration on the Building of Urban Landscape Sports Culture
J. Zhang †, H. Kazerooni ‡
13 Walking Gait Planning for a Kind of Humanoid Robot
H. P. Huang, S. D. Xiao, Z. B. Li
14 Current and Future Trends in the Automotive Industry
D. M. Jahin
15 Design and Reliability Research of Supporting Structure for Deep Mine Vertical Drainage System
S. B. Zhang †‡††, X. W. Zheng †, Z. F. Liu ‡§,L. J. Feng ‡††
16 Mechanism of Pavement Compaction Detection Technology to Improve the Quality of Pavement Construction
L. Wang †‡, Y. q. Wang †,J. Silva §
17 The Influence of Sharer Factors on Internet Sharing Behavior: Moderating Effect of Virtual Benefits
L. Zhang †, Y. Z. Tian †, G. Xu ‡
18 Experimental Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of Spring-Tooth Vibration Sub-Soiling Shovel
X. Ma †, L. C. Qiu †, Z. Milecki ‡
19 Analysis of Grinding Wheel Profile in Feeding-Through Centerless Grinding of Tapered Rolle
Z. B. Gao †, H. Y. Gao ‡
20 Study on Corrosion and Destroy Mechanism of Concrete under Acidic Conditions
Z. G. Yu, R. R. Chen, B. Mtei
21 On Agent-Based Intelligent Touring System Model Construction
T. K. Fan
22 Study on Mode and Mechanism of Electrostatic Spray Charged
Z. Y. Chen †‡, Z. J. Gao †‡, C. F. Wu †‡
23 Path Planning Research for Mobile Robot Based on Immune Genetic Algorithm
Q. Wang †, J. Hedner‡
24 The Research on the Effect of Intercity Railway Project on Housing Price Nearby
Y. Liu †, K.Wang ‡,C. E. Rodriguez †
25 Study on Mechanized Construction of Highway Asphalt Concrete Pavement
Q. A. Liu †, A. Zacharopoulou ‡
26 Construction and Study of Multi-DOF Automobile Dynamic Model
Y. J. Zheng†, Y. Feng†,S. Joshi‡
27 An Analysis of the Influence of Parameter Variation on Properties of Tilting Pad Bearing Oil Film of Steam Turbine
J. G. Jin, J. W. Yu, A. P. Zhang
28 Explorations into the Design of Mobile Police and Warning Information Application System under 4G Background
G. M. Kristina, C. E. Gooyers
29 Research on Vision-Based Underwater Robot Positioning and Map Building Technology
P. J. Xie †, J. Haleegoah ‡
30 Optimized Design of Adhesive Formations for Tennis Ball
X. Y. Zha
31 Improved Design of Rotary Controlled Lift Aircraft Hydraulic Mechanism
Q. L. Du †, W. S. Tang ‡ ,L. A. Pan §
32 Research on Analysis and Prevention of Coal Mine Gas Explosion Accident Based on FAT
H. Huang, M. l. Wan, D. Y. Yin
33 The Path and Maturity Model of University Libraries to Enhance the Social Network Service Ability
K. G. Zhu †, X. D. Song ‡, Y. P. Sun§
34 Dynamic Evolution of Energy Efficiency Mechanism in China
Y. D. Cheng
35 The Study on Korea’s Energy Dependency, Import Concentration and Energy Intensify
T. M. Liu, D. L. Wei, T. B. Guo, and A. Baldour