Vol. 39, No. 2 (2016)

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1 Mid-Long Term Load Forecasting Based on Combination Forecasting Model
J. G. Zhou†, W. Liu†*, & Q. Song‡
2 Fitness Dance Video Event Analysis Based on Dynamic Programming Fusion Multimoding
J. Ha
3 High-Efficient Sequential Approximate Strategy for Reliability-Based Robust Design Optimization
X. M. Lai†‡*, Q. F. Lai†, H. Huang†, C. Wang§††, Y. Zhang†, L. Yan†, J. H. Yang†, & S. R. Liao†
4 Study on Outdoor High Temperature for Summer Air Conditioning by Gumbel Distribution Model
R. Wan†‡*, D. Q. Kong§, & J. P. Liu††
5 Effect of Bearing Mode on Martensite Phase Transformation and Mechanical Property of Constructional Stainless Steel Material
P. Chen†*, Y. Su‡ , & F. Massardo§
6 Analysis on Seismic Performance of Centrically Braced Steel Frame
Z. H. Zhang†‡*, F. Fan†, K. X. Wang‡ , & B. Franciosa§
7 The Projection Effectiveness Evaluation Via HMADM for the Electronic Warfare System under Complex Electromagnetism Environment
Z. F. Qi†, G. S. Wang‡*, & N. S. Charistos§
8 Semantic-Based Retrieval Using Various Visual Features for Real-World Images
H. Y. Cui†, J. F. Cao†*, H. Shi‡, & E.C. Bacharoudis§
9 Experimental Study on Thawing Process of Frozen Soil Based on CT Scanning
X. F. Kang†, H. Zhang†*, & V. Martins‡
10 Urban Freight OD Estimation Based on Close-End Roads
H. Xiao†, W. Chen†, & Y. C. Huang‡
11 Simulation and Calculation of Thermal Radiation of Oil Tank Fire Based on FDS
X. Guo†, J. C. Fan†*, & J. A. Melby‡
12 A Healthy Monitor System for Fall and Balance Detection of Elderly
Z. J. Hou†*, Z. Q. Lu†, J. Z. Liang†, C. Chen‡, & Y. Xu†
13 Research on Braking Force Distribution Strategy of Composite Braking System of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
J. H. Tang†, K. Y. Wang†*, S. Y. Bei†, & M. M. Sousa‡
14 Prediction Model and Compensation System of CNC Machine Tool
Thermal Error
W. Zhang†*, H. M. Vollmer‡
15 Understanding of Gas Storage and Migration Pathways in Shales: Example from Pore Characteristics of Gufeng Formation
K. Wu†*, Q. L. Feng‡
16 Electric Vehicle Electric-Hydraulic Regenerative Braking Strategy
Based on Variable Current Feedback
S. G. Song†*, X. P. Li‡ , & D. P. Margaris§
17 Study of the Influence of Social Network Based Word-of-Mouth
Communication over Purchase Intention
Q. Duan†‡
18 Study on Leaf Epidermis Characteristics of Lespedeza Michx
B. Yuan†*, X. M. Cao‡, & R. Moradi§
19 Research on Reliability of Wind Farm Based on Copula Theory
B. Han†*, C. W. Finkl‡
20 Design and Kinetic Study of a Class of Parallel Mechanisms with
Three Degrees of Freedom
Z. H. Zhang†*, C. Makowski‡
21 The Application of Improved Fuzzy Vault Key Binding Algorithm in
Fingerprint Feature Encryption System
F. Wang*, B. Han, L. Niu, & Z. Y. Liu
22 Design of Rural Buildings Based on the Theory of Anti-Seismic Design
J. Q. Chen†, J. G. Zheng†*, & E. Gerbino‡
23 Research on International E-Navigation Practical Project and Its
Z. X. Du†*, P.F. Huang†, & M. Becker‡
24 Analysis on the Harm and Preventive of Computer Network Viruses
Y. B. Zhu, J. S. Li*
25 Study on the Changes of Livelihood Capital of Migrant Farmer’s Household before and after the Development of Rural Tourism
Y. Xiao†, K. Yin‡, & H. N. Famili§
26 Study of Chinese Continental Crustal Thickness Based on the Data of EGM2008
G. Ding†*, M. Perrella‡
27 Dynamic Modeling of Parallel Mechanism Based on Particle System
W. Liu†*, L. Y. Zhu†, B. B. Jin†, & M. Helali‡
28 The Rideability Simulation Analysis of Triangular Track Conversion System Based on Multi-Body dynamic Modeling
H. L. Guo†*, X. H. Mu‡, X. D. Zhao†, F. P. Du‡ , & T.V. Lenzion§
29 Research on the Internal Power Gear Honing Processing Technology for Hard Tooth Surface
Y. Gao†‡*, J. Han†, L. H. Li‡, L. Liu§, & F. G. Lv††
30 An Image Processing Based Method for Welding Defect Detection under Complex Environment
J. J. Zhu*, F. Wang
31 Global Optimization Algorithm for a Class of Mathematical
J. T. Wang*, C. Y. Bai, & J. B. Yin
32 Toward an Architecture Description Language for Dependability of Internet-Scaled Software Entities
G. N. Si†§*, L. Y. Yuan‡, & J. Xu‡
33 An Improved Manchu Character Recognition Method
S. Xu†*, G. Q. Qi‡, M. Li§, R. R. Zheng††, & C. Johnξ
34 Dynamic Evolution of Energy Efficiency Mechanism in China
Y. D. Cheng
35 Analysis and Assessment of the Value of Carbon Assets Based on Monte-Carlo Simulation
H. R. Cui†, F. X. Liu†*, & E. Armentani‡
36 Analysis of the Industrial Distribution and Characteristics of China’s Non-Wood Forest Product
T. L. Wang†‡, W. M. Song†*, & D. P. Margaris§
37 Multi-Objective Intelligent Optimization of Arrival and Approach Procedure Design
F. R. Sun†*, S. C. Han†, G. Qian‡, Z. Y. Shen†, & F. Adelstein§
38 The Influence of Financial Constraint and Agency Cost on Investment Inefficiency of GEM Listed Firms —–Based on Two-Tier Stochastic Frontier Model
H. X. Wen†, X. J. Liu†*, H. Wang‡, & Y. Caputo§
39 Logistics Efficiency Analysis in China Based on Spatial Stochastic Frontier Model
T. W. Ma, D. N. Jiang, & S. Q. Yu*