Vol. 39, No. 3 (2016)

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1 Numerical Calculation and Analysis of Automobile Aerodynamic Noise Based on Large Eddy Simulation
J. H. Tang†‡*, Y. Y. Zuo‡, S. Y. Bei†, & K. Y. Wang†‡
2 Collaborative Process Planning and Management Oriented Network-based Manufacture
Y. Y. Su*, H. Dong, D. Liang, & T. R. Zhang
3 Chaotic Analysis of Rectangular Thin Plate Based on Fourth-order Runge-Kutta Method
Y. Zhao, G. W. Zhang, & B. Lin*
4 Influence of Number and Arrange of Teeth on Performance of Labyrinth Seal
T. L. Jiang†‡*, Z. M. Xu‡, L. H. Cao‡, W. Xu‡, & Y. Li‡
5 Design of A Novel Electro-Hydraulic Rotary Valve with Continuous Adjustable Rated Flow
Y. Sang*, X. Wang, & X. X. Li
6 Rapid Inspection Technique for Conveyor Belt Deviation
X. Z. Mei†‡, C. Y. Miao†*, Y. L. Yang†, & X. G. Li†
7 Value Stream Mapping Technology Application in the Production Line Optimization
S. Wu †‡*, & X. L. Zhao†
8 Performance Assessment and Study of Tribological Properties of Self-lubricating Materials for Dry Lubrication
P. N. L. Pavani†*, R. PolaRao†, C. L. V. R. S. V. Prasad†, & S. Srikiran‡
9 Thermal Stress Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Study of Titanium Alloy Casting
H. Xiao†, L. Li, & M. Paulo
10 Design Method and Experimental Study of Sand Pile Truck Escape Ramp
S. J. Cao, L. C. Cai, G. Y. Li, D. S. Meng
11 Effect of Tension Member Installation on Buckling Behavior of Single Layer Two-way Grid Cylindrical Shell Roof
Z. H. Zhang, M. Fujimoto, & K. X. Wang
12 Effect of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum Alloys by Adding Carbon Powder
R. Li†‡, L. J. Chen, Q. Zeng, & H. Gao
13 Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Carbon Nanotube TMT Nanosteel Material Using Taguchi Analysis and Neural Networks
S. Prabhu, & B. K. Vinayagam
14 The Comparison of SOC Estimation Performance with Different Input Parameters Using Neural Network
X. Zhao, S. Wang, & M. Yu
15 Non-equidistance Multivariate Fractional Order Accumulation NFMGM (1, n) Model Based on the Background Value Optimization
Y. X. Luo & Q. Y. Liu
16 Stress Analysis and Creep Life Prediction of Hydrogen Reformer Furnace Tube
Y. Q. Ding, Q. F. Lu, J. B. Liu, Z. T. Chen, Y. Zhang, Y. X. Zheng, & T. Lv
17 Influence of Amplitude on the Tensile Strength of Welded Joints Fabricated under Vibratory Weld Conditioning
J. Kalpana, P. S. Rao, & P. G. Rao
18 Fuzzy-PI Control Strategy for PMSM Used in Electric Vehicles
T. T. Liu, Z. G. Yan, K. Chen, & S. G. Li
19 A Product Conceptual Design Process Model Integrating Semantics and its Support System
X. B. Meng & S. R. Sun
20 Calculation and Modification of Failure Pressure around the Top Wall Junction of Dome Tank Based on Numerical Calculation Method
Y. Q. Ding, Q. F. Lu, J. B. Liu, Z. T. Chen, F. Qiu, & X. M. Dai