Vol. 39, No. 4 (2016)

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1 Prediction of Double-Rotational Vertical Screw Conveyor Performance Using the Discrete Element Method (DEM)
J. Li, F. Ma, & R. Q. Jia
2 Constant Speed Control Strategy of Composite Braking System of Hybrid Electric Coach
J. H. Tang, K. Y. Wang, L. C. Zhang, & K. J. Jiang
3 Technology Innovation of Coupling Classical TRIZ and Patent Text: Concepts, Models & Empirical Research
Z. F. Liu
4 Experimental Study on Corrosion Resistance of GFRP Bars Body
W. Lu, X. Q. Li, & D. Zhou
5 The Life Cycle Assessment of Rare Earth Oxides Production In Bayan Obo
B. L. Zhou, Z. X. Li, Y. Q. Zhao, & S. Q. Wang
6 Composite Cosine-Exponent Model For Axial Compressive Stress-Strain Curve Of Frp-Confined Concrete Column
Q. X. Lin & S. H. Li
7 Elastic-Plastic Solution of Stress-Deformation Distribution for Double-Linings Circular Rock Tunnel (i): Radial Stress As The First Principal Stress
A. Z. Zhou, P. M. Jiang, J. P. Xiao, F. W. Li, & W. Wang
8 Mechanics Property Analysis of Steel Bar With A Kind of Anchorage Device
F. K. Zeng, T. Wang, X. N. Fan, & F. Y. Wang
9 Influence Mechanism of Social Commerce to Consumer Behavioral Intention
Q. M. Kong, X. Q. Liang, & Z. Zhang
10 Self-Coordination Mechanism Research of Neighborhood Effects Based Interactive Network
L. Wang, Z. Y. Dong & Y. Guo