Vol. 40, No. 1 (2017)

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1 Elastic-Plastic Solution of Stress-Deformation Distribution for Double-Linings Circular Rock Tunnel (ii): Circumferential Stress As the First Principal Stress
A. Z. Zhou, X. K. Yu, N. Li, H. Q. Tao, P. M. Jiang, & W.Wang
2 Application of Motion Capture System Based on MEMS Inertial Sensor in Martial Arts Competition
W. H. Yao
3 Is Advanced Machinery to Promote China’s Economic Growth? – A Study from China
P. Yuan
4 Application of Anti-corrosion Technology in Reinforced Concrete
W. R. Chu
5 Optimization Design and Analysis of Super Large Beam Pumping Unit
Y. Q. Ding, X. M. Dai, J. B. Liu, T. Lv, Z. T. Chen, M. Q. Wang, & X. F. Zheng
6 The Effect of Annealing Process Parameters on The Size of Ilmenite Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method
M. V. S. Babu, K. N. S. Suman, & A. Rama Krishna
7 Yield Characteristics on Spring Maize with Super-high Yield in Irrigated Semiarid Zone
X. M. Cao, A. Z. Lv, & Z. G. Paneko
8 Test and Simulation Study of Characteristics of Material of Asphalt Pavement Structure Under Special Loading
F. Ding, L. C. Cai, S. J. Cao, Y. Qiao, & X. C. Wang
9 On Distinguishing the Importance Degree of Enterprise Business by Integrating AHP and ELECTRE
X. G. Jiang, H. W. Zhou & V. T. Nekitina
10 Fault Diagnosis Method for Internal Combustion Engines Based on IHS-RVM Model
B. Yang, G. F. Song, L. Z. Shen, Y. A. Ghuktomova, & J. X. Xu
11 Device Development of Controlling Dressing Contiguous Sense Signal
C. Y. Kuang, F. Qin, N. Maeson, & C. Ye
12 Prediction Method of Reciprocating Compressor Inlet Pressure and Shaft Power Based on GA – BP Neural Network
Y. H. Zhou, H. M. Liu, & X. Z. Yi
13 Order Strategy Based on Analysis of Inventory Cost of the Construction Materials in the Construction Engineering Supply Chain
H. X. Yang, J. Q. Hao, Z. L. Mei, & Jacky K. H. Chung
14 Analyzing the Mechanical Properties of Straw Ash as an Admixture in Green High Performance Concrete
Z. G. Wang, X. X. Li, H. B. Liu, L. L. Xie, & Z. Felix
15 Can Government Green Procurement Promote Green Technology Innovation – Take Beijing as an Example
F. M. Hou, P. Peng, & T. Cai
16 Study on Parking Behavior Based on Regional Functional Characteristics
J. J. Yin, Y. L. He, & X. D. Sun
17 Design for LQR Controller of Active Suspension Based on Chaos Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Y. X. Luo & N. V. Boisyev
18 Vibration Effect on the Impact Strength of Al 5052-H32 weldments
M. Vykunta Rao, P. Srinivasa Rao & B. Surendra Babu