Vol. 40, No. 4 (2017)

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1 Analysis of Laminar Flow in a Porous Pipe with Slip Velocity
Ashwini Bhat†, Nagaraj N. Katagi†*, N. M. Bujurke‡
2 Engine Performance with LRME at Varying Compression Ratio
N. K. Patel†, R. G. Kapadia‡
3 Study of Driving Torque through Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics on Industrial Robot
Yeon Taek OH
4 Empirical Model of Material Removal Rate for Wire Cut Electrical
Discharge Machining Process
Jaksan D Patel†, Kalpesh D Maniya‡
5 Range and Doppler Ambiguity Elimination in Coherent Radar using
Quasicontinuous Signals
N.E. Bystrov†, I.N. Zhukova‡, V.M. Reganov§, S.D. Chebotarev††
6 Numerical Study and Analysis of Ship Propeller
Mohammed K. Khashan†, Hayder H. Khaleel‡, Ali H. Meteab‡
7 Thermodynamic Analysis and Analytical Simulation of the Modified Stirling Cycle
R. K. Ranjan, S. K. Verma
8 Material Behaviour of Aluminum Al 360 Alloy Hollow Ring Preforms
S.Sathishkumar†, S.Kannan†, S.ThirumalaiKumar‡
9 A Modified Particle Swarm Algorithm for Body-in-white Welding Assembly Line Balancing Problem Han-ye Zhang 611-618
10 Numerical Analysis of Reliability and Availability of a Complex
Repairable System
Munish Mehta†, Jujhar Singh, Manpreet Singh
11 Dynamic Correction SOC Estimation Method Based on Real Vehicle
Analysis Battery Characteristics
Peng Xia, Fang Liu, MingHua Xin, Yanping Guo, Yuan Chen, Chuli Yu, Jingde Ma
12 Application of Semi-Active MRFluid Sandwich Beam for Defence Vehicles
Shreedhar Kolekar†*,Krishna Venkatesh‡,Seung-Bok Choi §
13 MHD and Heat Transfer Analysis of Nanofluid Flow Past a Vertical Porous Plate
K. S. Arjun*, K. Rakesh
14 Solar Assisted Micro Hybridized Auto-Rickshaw (Engine Driven)
Md. Arman Arefin†, Avijit Mallik†*
15 Engine Performance, Emission and Fluorescence study of fuel from Plant Oils
Nikul K Patel†*, Ragesh G Kapadia††, Romit Y Gandhi††† , Shailesh N Shah‡
16 Mechanical Properties of Castings Aluminium Waste which is Smelted in Simple Furnace with a Variety of Fuels
Nukman †*, Riman Sipahutar †, Aipon †, Rudy Y S†, Prana Rahmadi†, Ahmad Taufik Arief ‡
17 The Influence of Material Properties on the Parameters of Piezoelectric Micropumps
A. Vinogradov, Ye. Matveev, I. Ivanikin, R. Lubchenco, P. Titov
699 -705
18 Specifying Two-Phase Flow in Modeling Pneumatic Systems Performance of Farm Machines
S. Mudarisov, E. Khasanov, Z. Rakhimov, I. Gabitov, I. Badretdinov, I. Farchutdinov, F. Gallyamov, M. Davletshin, R. Aipov, R. Jarullin
19 PI and Sliding Mode Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Fed from Three Phase Four Switch VSI
Ashok Kumar R, Dr. Balaji K
716- 725
20 Optimal Design of Large Tonnage Elevator Car Frame
Xiaomei Jiang †*, Yihui Ruan‡, Shuguang Niu†