Nguyen Duong Nam¹*, Nguyen Anh Xuan¹, Nguyen Van Bach¹, Le Thi Nhung¹, Le Thi Chieu²


¹Vietnam Maritime University, Haiphong city, Vietnam

²Ha Noi University of Science and Technology

*Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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The detailed surface is the boundary between the machine part and the working environment or with other machine parts in the structure of the machine. The surface is directly affected by the mechanical, physical and chemical effects of the environment. It is also the first place to receive loads, often subject to friction, abrasion The surface of the machine is where the hardest working conditions are, so it is also vulnerable to abrasion. There are many methods to the durable surface; But the most common method is diffusion. In diffusion method, there are many methods, but the chapter only focuses on the gas nitriding method and control of the gas nitriding process. Nitriding process can only be best achieved by control of the gas nitriding process, in particular by controlling the amount of incoming air at each stage. The specifications of the gas nitriding process will determine the quality of the nitriding layer. One of the very difficult parameters to control this process is the concentration of NH3 and N2 into the air. In order to control this air which will use the air control equiments but to control the permeability components in the equipment need special control processes with modern equipment. In this paper, we present a technique for control of the gas nitriding process by sensor hydro.