Timur Choban Khidir*, Bilal Mohammed Qasim, Ayaz Aydin Abduljabbar


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kirkuk, Iraq.

*Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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Drivers need lifting device jack with notch fits in place under the vehicle in the proper location during changing tires, also in workshops or maintenance centers jacks required for maintenance and refurbishment of parts, this device made the job faster and easy. Traditional car trailers use a mechanical feature to allow the human to raise the vehicle by manual force, by using the screw thread power or hydraulic jack which uses hydraulic power. The other way for lifting cars are pneumatic air bags, these bags are highly effective in industrial, maintenance applications and construction. In order to study this modern technology development and obtain good air bag design, which can lift and sustain the weight of more than 1200 kg estimated car weight, Solid works software used to analyze the weak points of pneumatic airbag. In this paper pressure used 249809.6 N/m^2 by imposing a weight of 1250 kg, Using natural rubber an as air bag material with two cases of thickness 1 mm, 3 mm, three behaviors of air bag tested (Von Mises stress, Strain and Deformation in two directions) analyzed, the results shows that the 1 mm thickness cannot sustain the load and pressure and weakest area lays between connection natural rubber and metal cast iron which contact the body of the car.