Bandana Swain1, Shebaz A Memon2, A. Madhusudan Achari2*, Vishal Mehta2



1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indus University, Ahmedabad – 382115

2Mechanical Engineering Department, Institute of technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad – 382481

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Impinging jet has been an important technique to increase the convection heat transfer coefficient between the fluid and solid in various commercial and industrial application. Variety of different arrangements have been tried and tested for the impinging jet like slot jet, circular jet, etc. depending on the requirements of application and choice of designer. Insights into the flow physics of impinging jet can help in improving the geometric and flow parameters of the impinging jet and thereby performance enhancement in its usage. This paper presents comprehensive review into the modelling, optimisation and numerical studies of the impinging jet literature. In addition to that comparison of different turbulence models applied to the numerical study of impinging jets are also reviewed, as the choice of model used for the study plays a major role in deciding the computational resources required as well as reliability and accuracy of results. The determination of the heat transfer coefficient for impinging jet considering the conductivity of finite thickness plate is essential and many research works in that field are also reviewed. It was concluded that certain parameters in the study of the impinging jet are crucial, so they should be decided with careful consideration.