Vol. 38, No. 1 (2015) (14)

Construction Safety Management of Building Project Based on BIM

S. L. Yi†*, X. Zhang†, & M. H. Calvo‡

†Nanyang Normal University, NanYang, Henan, 473061, China
‡Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain

ABSTRACT: Being as an important part of construction project, the quality of construction design has great influence on investments, progress and quality of the whole construction project. In order to improve the overall quality of China’s construction project, technology as well as management level, the informatization of technology and management must be implemented throughout the construction industry. Documentary research method, investigation and induction are used to analyze the qualities of knowledge and project management which are required to construction design management and the adaptability of applying BIM in it; the present paper analyzes problems appeared in management of progress early warning and proposes the adaptability of applying BIM into progress early warning. At last, the application of BIM technology into construction safety management is researched. And a model framework of construction safety management based on BIM is established. Combine with case study, the paper constructs a visual safety management platform through BIM modeling, 4D construction simulation and collision detection technology. Dynamically rehearse construction progress and manage the hidden dangers such as falling and collision during actual construction progress. And control safety risks through optimization of construction scheme and formulating defense system and emergency measure. Avoid or reduce safety accidents, achieving safety management.

Keywords: Construction safety management; Building information model; Building engineering.