Vol. 38, No. 1 (2015) (2)

Design and Experiment of Embedded Control System for Low Pressure Steam Generating Equipment

Y. J. Xiao, H. P. Song, R. Jing, N. Zhu, H. C. Zhao,

“Design and Experiment of Embedded Control System for Low Pressure Steam Generating Equipment”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments

ABSTRACT:  In view of the problem of large amount, low temperature, wide distribution, low recovery efficiency and difficult recovery of present low-temperature waste heat. This paper studied the mechanical structure and working mechanism of the new type of low pressure steam power generation device with blower as the core. And developed the embedded control system of the power generation device composed of a substrate board and functional boards using modular design method. The system with the C8051F040 MCU at its core was composed of speed encoder, temperature sensor and other sensors, signals of which were real-time input into the MCU. The MCU received real-time human-machine interface through RS232 bus to supervise and control the control system. The PID power regulator with encoder as the feedback signal is designed, which eliminated the disturbance of waste heat, and regulated the power quality of the generator steadily and reliably .The experimental results show that the control system has good openness, flexibility and stability, and can adjust the power quality, realize that the low-temperature waste heat power generation device efficiently recycle the low-temperature waste heat and conversion of electrical energy.

Keywords: Viscosity model; PVC; Extrusion process.