Vol. 38, No. 1 (2015) (3)

Force Control for Positional-Controlled Robotic Manipulators Based on Vision/Torque

 E. C. Li, Z. M. Li,

“Force Control for Positional-Controlled Robotic Manipulators Based on Vision/Torque”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a hybrid force position control strategy for position-controlled robotic manipulator based on the vision. Vision data are employed to estimate the local shape of constraint. The relationship between actual force and measure force is analyzed and derived. The estimated vectors are used to generate the virtual reference trajectory for the target impedance model, which is driven by the force error to produce a command position to the manipulator. By following the commanded position trajectory the robotic manipulator can follow unknown constraint surface while keeping an acceptable force error in a manner depicted by the target impedance model. Two fuzzy parameters are thus developed to tune the reference trajectory in order to adapt the reference trajectory generated for the changeable unknown stiffness in environment. The tracking speed reach 15 mm/s with a small field of view (26.4 mm * 26.4 mm), Experiment is conducted to verify its force tracking capability.

Keywords: Vision-guided; Hybrid force/position control; Impedance control; Unknown environment.