Vol. 38, No. 1 (2015) (4.)

A Study on the Relationship between Turnover Intention of the New Generation of Knowledge Employees and Job Embeddedness in Food Processing Industry

S. B. Qi

Songshan Shaolin Martial Arts Vocational College, Dengfeng 452470, China,
*Email: [email protected]

ABSTRACT: The new generation of knowledge-based employees with higher turnover rate is selected for the empirical analysis on the relationship between the job embeddedness and turnover intention, which is verified on the basis of the relevant assumptions made. And, combined with the actual situation of food processing industry of Henan Province, finally the comprehensive solution specific for the turnover behavior of the new generation of knowledge-based employees is proposed from two aspects of a total of six dimensions of off-the-job embeddedness and on-the-job embeddedness according to the conclusions of quantitative research and qualitative research.

Keywords: Knowledge employees; Job embeddedness; Turnover intention; The new generation; empirical study.