Vol. 38, No. 1 (2015) (5)

Waste and Recycled Building Materials under the Background of Economical Landscape

X. Wei, J. W. Zhao,

“Waste and Recycled Building Materials under the Background of Economical Landscape”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments

ABSTRACT:  The adjustment of industrial structure and rapid urbanization led to a large accumulation of construction waste and industrial solid waste. From the view of the nature matter and energy cycle, these wastes are “resource in the wrong place at the wrong time”. Material is a material basis of garden construction. Today resources are increasingly scarce and environment is gradually deteriorating, the choice of garden materials mainly are natural resources; garden construction is still dependent on large-scale high rate of natural resource grab. Practical material saving measures are needed based on China garden construction status; using waste materials and recycled building materials as garden materials can spread waste recycling, change the traditional construction mode dependence on natural resources, which is where the purpose of the study based on. Waste and recycled building materials are widely used in the construction of social production and life. In terms of saving garden construction, they also have an important role and value. This article will give a brief introduction on saving garden, waste and recycled building materials, and explore the application of waste and recycled building materials in the construction of the garden on this basis. At the same time according to the situation of a conservation-oriented garden, the article presented the outlook for future prospects.

Keywords: Saving-type garden; Waste; Recycled building materials.