Vol. 38, No. 1 (2015) (6)

Evaluation System of Breen Building Property Management Based on AHP

D. J. Hu, L. Xue, R. Rodriguez,

“Evaluation System of Breen Building Property Management  Based on AHP”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments

ABSTRACT: At present, China’s housing construction has set off a “green tide”, and the State Ministry of housing has issued some regulations and to encourage the construction of green residential districts. Green residential district is the development trend of the building industry in 21st Century. According to the actual problems of green building in the property management, the paper studies the property management of green building from the aspects of energy saving, environmental protection and other aspects so as to choose a reasonable and scientific property management mode aiming at the specific reality of China’s green building. In the process of building a comprehensive evaluation index system of green building property management model in China, the author uses the AHP method proposed by American scholar T. Lassty. AHP is a structured technique for organizing and analyzing complex decisions combining qualitative and quantitative analysis method. It has simple using idea and wide practical value. On this basis, the author makes an improvement on the constructing method of its judgment matrix, making the matrix be more operable.

Keywords: Green building; Property management; Evaluation; Analytic hierarchy process.