Vol. 38, No. 2 (2015) (10)

Study on the Cost Control of Construction Engineering Project Based on BIM

Z. W. Zhao†* & C. Assi‡

†Hangzhou Polytechnic, Hangzhou, 311402, China
‡Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Cocody (CHU-C), Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

ABSTRACT: For a construction engineering project, the management of cost control is the most important thing and it throughout each part of the construction engineering. Effective cost control of engineering project can bring great benefits for engineering project in terms of economy, but with the improvement of people’s requirements in buildings’ function, appearance and comfort, the additional information on the construction project is growing, especially for some large-scale projects, there are more construction units, long construction period and large amount of information. Using the cost control of traditional model can lead to workload and can easily lead to loss of control, resulting in unnecessary waste. In this paper, on the basis of reading a lot of literature and referencing previous research results, a project is regarded as a study object. It combines the cost control and BIM technology to analyze the different roles of BIM technology at the different stages of engineering project. Through comparing with the cost control of traditional mode, it illustrates the advantages of BIM technology. Finally, it concludes the application status of BIM technology in the current engineering project cost control, hoping to strengthen the combination of BIM technology and engineering project cost control.

Keywords: Cost control, Engineering project, Bim technology.