Vol. 38, No. 2 (2015) (17)

Protection and Restoration Analysis of Building Walls Based on Repointing and Mortar Joint Restoration Technology

X. S. Song†*, S. Wang†, & S. Roslan‡

†North China University of Science and Technology, Earthquake Engineering Research Center of Hebei Province, China, * Email: songxiaosheng2016@163.com
‡University Technology Mara, Selangor, Malaysia

ABSTRACT: To improve the durability of building walls and overcome the deficiencies of traditional materials, this paper discussed the wall protection and restoration technology upon the analysis for repointing and mortar joint restoration technology. Before such restoration, marl types, mortar joint types and colors in test board, selection and properties of materials (hardness, water permeability, strength, etc.), preparatory work, technologies in the operation, wall cleanliness after the restoration and others may occur were analyzed by this paper. It follows that, the related hardness permeability of selected mortar joint materials in the repointing and restoration period as well as the information achieved from the visual analysis for building mortar joint could improve the mixing and matching and application technology. Used as a reference for construction, the test board has established the assessment criteria for later stages. This experimental test board has a great referring significance on our country’s restoration and protection of building walls.

Keywords: Building; Wall; Protection; Restoration.