Vol. 38, No. 2 (2015) (5)

Information Exchange in Traditional Architecture Database Construction Based on Open BIM Technique

J. Wang,

“Information Exchange in Traditional Architecture Database Construction Based on Open BIM Technique”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments,

ABSTRACT: With rapid development of computer technology and destruction of traditional architecture, computer technology is applied in digital protection of traditional architecture, which brings big limitations. This paper introduces the ongoing construction of traditional architecture database based on open BIM technology in Korea. The author highlights the part in the project which utilizes IFC attribute set for information exchange, analyzes China’s traditional architecture protection and demonstrates its superiority and necessity for design of modern architects. In this paper, the author describes the ongoing new Hanok database system construction in Korea based on open BIM technology. During construction of the system, utilization of IFC standard serves as the most critical part. Parameterized model based on object acts as the main object of the database system, while IFC currently does not support parameterized model exchange between different BIM systems. The author inputs parametric relationship in IFC attribute set, and then passes parametric relationship between different BIM systems through j exchange of attribute set. The new house database system involves three major BIM software systems. This study provides an important basis for compatibility study of BIM system in new Hanok database system.

Keywords: Open BIM; Digital protection; IFC attribute set; Information interchangeability.