Vol. 39, No. 1 (2016) (6)

Element Modeling and Dynamic Property Parameters Analysis of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge

H. B. Zhang

Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116023,China

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H. B. Zhang, “Element Modeling and Dynamic Property Parameters Analysis of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments, vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 39-45, 2016. DOI: 10.7508/jmerd.2016.01.006

ABSTRACT: In order to research the affection factors of Dynamic Properties of Self-anchored Suspension Bridge, four different conditions models are set up. Firstly the paper compares three methods of calculating dynamic properties of bridge.  Based on the comparison and according to the structural property of Suspension Bridge, the three-dimension FE dynamic model is set up:  the ridge mode is adopted to simplify the structure of bridge deck system, the analysis on simulation of other parts of bridge is conducted to be counted into geometric stiffness. The method and standard on adjusting the cable force of Suspension Bridge is acquired by static calculation, and the calculation analysis about bridge dynamic property is conducted to obtain the bridge frequency and vibration. At last, the paper concludes the factors of affecting dynamic property of Suspension Bridge from contrast calculation and analysis of dynamic property according to four different conditions: (1) Constant effect of gravity stiffness;(2) Not calculation of gravity and initial stress of main cable;(3) Including suspender’s initial stress;(4) Not including of stress stiffening. The results show that initial stress of main cable and suspension cable is the important parameter to affect structural stiffness.

Keywords : Dynamic property; Mode; Natural frequency; Suspension bridge.

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