Vol. 39, No. 3 (2016) (09)

Thermal Stress Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Study of Titanium Alloy Casting

H. Xiao, L. Li, & M. Paulo

ABSTRACT: The casting production titanium alloy is usually subjected to a series of thermal processing, titanium alloy is very sensitive to crystal structure and process parameters. In this paper, it establishes the mathematical model related to finite element based on the three-dimensional temperature field and the stress field, and uses ProCAST finite element analysis software to carry out the numerical simulation of TC4 alloy casting, thermal stress in casting process and residual stress in the process to explore the stress distribution under different conditions in the titanium alloy casting process and compare with experimental result. In this paper, the calculation of casting thermal stress and strain field three-dimensional finite element shows the concentration area of casting and casting mold thermal stress, stress cushion has the slowing effect on the casting system thermal stress. By controlling the appropriate heat treatment process parameters to achieve the improvement of mechanical properties and process properties.

Keywords : Titanium alloy; Casting; Thermal stress finite element analysis.