Vol. 39, No. 3 (2016) (16)

Stress Analysis and Creep Life Prediction of Hydrogen Reformer Furnace Tube

Y. Q. Ding, Q. F. Lu, J. B. Liu, Z. T. Chen, Y. Zhang, Y. X. Zheng, & T. Lv

ABSTRACT: The hydrogen manufacturing converted furnace radiation pipe system is studied as the research object. And the reformer tube has been studied the creep mechanical properties through the furnace tube creep curves under different experimental conditions and experimental data. The stress creep constitutive equation of furnace tube is obtained by the experimental data curve fitting and analysis results. Thermal stress calculation and high temperature creep analysis of the pipe system of hydrogen production equipment were established by thermal elastic plastic increment method. The finite element model of the structure space of the reformer was established by ANSYS software, and the thermal stress and high temperature creep stress analysis were carried out. The calculation results of thermal stress and the stress and deformation of each component after 100 thousand hours of creep were evaluated. Based on the operating conditions of 6 years of service in the past, the calculation method of the remaining life of the furnace tube is established. Its remaining life is 6.3 years. It provides a theoretical basis for the calculation of the remaining life of the equipment, equipment operation and maintenance.

Keywords : Hydrogen reforming furnace; Creep; Residual life; Stress analysis; Thermo-elastic plasticity.