Vol. 40, No. 1 (2017) (5)

Optimization Design and Analysis of Super Large Beam Pumping Unit

 Y. Q. Ding, X. M. Dai, J. B. Liu, T. Lv, Z. T. Chen, M. Q. Wang, & X. F. Zheng

Y. Q. Ding, X. M. Dai, J. B. Liu, T. Lv, Z. T. Chen, M. Q. Wang, & X. F. Zheng, Elastic-Plastic Solution of Stress-Deformation Distribution for Double-Linings Circular Rock Tunnel (ii): Circumferential Stress As the First Principal Stress, vol. 40, no. 1, pp. 25-34, 2017.

ABSTRACT: The super large pumping unit CYJY14-6-89HF was studied as the research object. The overall dynamics analysis model was built up, while the loads distributions of the main components were obtained by the rated load calculation and analysis in the working state of pumping unit. The stress distribution and the safety coefficient were calculated through the finite element analysis of horse head, walking beam, support and base. Finally by taking the lightest weight as objective function and the strength requirements as the constraint condition, the parts of the pumping unit were optimized design. After the optimum design, the overall weight reduces 10.21% and all the stress and amplitude meet the standard by measured. The pumping unit could work safely and stable.

Keywords: Super large pumping unit; Optimum design; Finite element; Dynamic analysis.