Vol. 40, No. 3 (2017) (9)

Delicate Grasping Using Rubber Pocket Gripper

 Ariharan C & Haridasan V. P

Ariharan C & Haridasan V. P, “Delicate Grasping Using Rubber Pocket Gripper,” Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments, vol. 40, no. 3, pp. 451-455, 2017.

ABSTRACT:  Gripping is one of the challenging tasks in robot automation. Here in this gripper, the jaw was integrated with neoprene rubber. By this gripper efficient gripping can be possible. The rubber pocket in this gripper can deform to the shape of the outer surface of the object. The rubber pocket in the jaw has air inside it. The jaw was designed in such a way that it has a hollow part under the rubber pocket. From the compressibility property of the air, the rubber pocket will be able to grasp the object with low stiffness. By this low stiffness, the object can be grasped without breaking. The property of the neoprene rubber along with pneumatic system will result in accurate gripping of the object. The identification of the object to be grasped was made with the help of a camera. The camera stores the image initially and compares it with the image taken in real time application. This application is very much useful in the field where robots are dealing with various shaped objects like steel hemispheres and wax cylinders. Then the dimensions of the jaw, the rubber pocket were found out for modeling.

Keywords: Gripping; Neoprene rubber; Hollow part; Low stiffness; Pneumatic system; Camera; Various shaped.