Vol. 41, No. 1 (2018) (6)

Study the Opportunity of Using Lost Energy in IC Engine to Generate Steam That Running a Steam Engine

 Layth Abed Hasnawi Al-Rubaye†, Ahmed ALayth Abed Hasnawi Al-Rubaye†, Ahmed Al-Samari †‡, & Lutfi. y. zedan†l-Samari †‡**, & Lutfi. y. zedan†


†College of Engineering, University of Diyala, Baquba, Diyala Province, Iraq
‡Mechanical and Aerospace Department alumni West Virginia University 26505, USA
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Layth Abed Hasnawi Al-Rubaye, Ahmed ALayth Abed Hasnawi Al-Rubaye, Ahmed Al-Samari, Lutfi. y. zedan†l-Samari, and Lutfi. y. zedan, “Study the Opportunity of Using Lost Energy in IC Engine to Generate Steam That Running a Steam Engine”, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments, vol. 41, no. 1, pp. 44-50, 2018.  DOI: 10.7508/jmerd.2018.01.006

ABSTRACT: Internal combustion engine (ICE) efficiency improvement represents the most important challenge facing IC engine’s manufacturer. Through the recent decades, a significant improvement has been accomplished regarding IC engine efficiency improvement. However, all these improvements couldn’t increase the efficiency more than 45% or less. This means that about half of the fuel energy is lost as a heat discarding to the environment. This project aims to find an approach to use this lost heat energy and get a mechanical energy out of it. This lost heat represents a very good chance to use as a heat source for a steam generation. Then, this steam could use to run a steam engine. This approach could improve the total system (i.e. IC and steam engine) efficiency by about 8%. Moreover. This increasing in the efficiency may decrease the fuel consumption about 15%.

Keywords : Sustainable energy; Steam engine; Alternative fuels; Thermal efficiency.